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Gainesville, 32607
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Priced Range:
$259,900 to $2,000,000
Agent Name:
Todd Louis
PH: (352) 316-6072
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  • Lawton Chiles Elementary

    An "A" school ... Again!

    Mission Statement: We are committed to the success of every student.

    Vision Statement: Lawton Chiles Elementary strives for excellence by actively involving all students, parents, staff, and the community in a safe, nurturing and respectful environment.


    * All students can and will learn more than they presently know.
    * Lawton Chiles will be child centered.
    * All students will feel successful.
    * Lawton Chiles will be an A+ school.
    * Individuality is valued.
    * Each child is important and valued.
    * Everybody deserves respect.
    * Students will be encouraged to be life long learners.
    * Students will learn to respect differences in individuals.
    * Teachers serve as facilitators and ensure learning for all.
    * Students should want to learn and enjoy learning.
    * The teaching of social skills should be a part of the school day.
    * Communication will be ongoing between parents and teachers.

  • Kanapaha Middle School
  • Buchholz High School

    Buchholz Vision Statement

    Buchholz High School accepts the responsibility to help all students to attain personal, academic, and career goals while striving for excellence in all areas. The students, staff, parents, and business community, working in partnership, will commit to creating a community that cares about, supports, encourages, and expects adherence to high academic, social, and moral standards.

  • School District Website: Alachua Country School Board
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