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All Tommy Williams Homes are built with STANDARD energy saving features that help the homeowner save money and allow a healthier, more comfortable living environment. Below is a list of the energy features that Tommy Williams Homes provide and why they are important!

  • Certifiably "Green" All Tommy Williams Homes, meet or exceed the standards for: "Green" certification by The Florida Green Building Coalition, Energy Star certification, and The United States Department of Energy's Building America Challenge.
  • Zero VOC (GreenSure) Paint Take a deep breath! All of our interior paint is virtually odor free and without VOC's (Volitalie Organic Compounds) and meets or exceeds the most stringent regulatory requirements, for better, healthier, breathable air.
  • Low-E, "Sunset" Windows By blocking 100% of the Sun's UV rays, these double pane, vinyl framed windows have an invisible low-E film, that keeps the heat out while letting the light shine through. The vinyl also helps to prevent condensation, which leads to mold.
  • 16 SEER HVAC This extra efficient air conditioning system is designed and placed inside the "thermal envelope" of the home for maximum comfort and efficiency. It also exceeds federal and state energy code requirements; code minimum in the state of Florida is SEER 13.
  • Variable speed air handler Reduces noise and increases energy efficiency.
  • Air handler in air-conditioned space Eliminates uncessary heating and cooling.
  • Anti-microbial Duct Board Offers minimal resistance to air flow reduces noise and does not support microbial growth (fungus and bacteria) for better indoor air quality.
  • "Heat Shield" Radiant Roof Barrier An aluminum barrier on the underside of this home's roof reflects heat from the Florida Sun keeping the attic and your home significantly cooler and more comfortable, reducing heat transfer by up to 40%.
  • R-30 Blown-in Ceiling Insulation Exceeding state insulation requirements by over 50%, R-30 blown-in insulation provides a better barrier and superior protection from hot and cold air loss. Insulation slows and reduces the amount of heat transfer into and out of a home.
  • R-15, Formaldehyde-Free, Spider Insulation The Spider wall insulation system is the only fiberglass insulator that provides R-15 protection in a typical 2x4 wall: keeping your home more comfortable and saving you money. Passes Environmental Specification 1350, the toughest indoor air quality test in North America. Insulation slows and reduces the amount of heat transfer into and out of a home.
  • Tankless Water Heater Also know as Demand water heaters, tankless water heaters only produce hot water when needed, reducing the amount of standby energy used to heat water with more common, storage water heaters. Tankless water heaters can be 24-34% more efficient, accoding to Department of Energy.
  • Programmable Thermostat A programmable thermostat allows you to set the temperature of your home throughout the day or when you away: one of the easiest ways you can save energy, money, and help fight global warming.
  • Cutting Edge Framing A home's "thermal envelope" (think of your home like a thermos, where a tight seal is optimal) is one of the most vital components of energy efficiency. By using advanced framing techniques like sealed attic knee-walls and ladder framing our homes are designed, built and tested to ensure the tightest "thermal envelope".
  • Expanding Foam to seal all exterior openings Prevents mositure damage, reduces heat loss and gain, and controls indoor air quality. The goal of sealing openings is to have a continous and effective air barrier. It is normal to have small openings in a new home, what really sets builders apart is how they deal with the openings. Tommy Williams uses expanding foam, which can also be used as an insulation material, to ensure all leakage is a minimum in your new home.
  • Fresh Air System This revolutionary ventilation system introduces fresh, clean air into the home, keeping hot, dirty air outside, while maintaining positive pressure, improved indoor air quality and heightened efficiency.
  • 100% Fluorescent Bulbs These light bulbs use less energy and money, give you the same amount of light, last longer and produce considerably less heat; keeping your home cooler while saving you money.
  • All homes built to Department of Energy, Building America Standard All of Tommy Williams Homes rate 60 or less on the E-Scale. That means that his homes are at least 40% more efficient than typcial new homes being built. That equates to 40% or more savings on your energy bill.
  • All homes independently tested and certified by Department of Energy Representative In the constuction industry anyone can claim they are building energy efficient homes. Having the home energy tested proves that the homes are energy efficient and meet certain required standards and ratings.
  • Engineered HVAC and Duct System