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Don’t Let Your Pipes Freeze!

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If your home was built in the last 10 years, you likely have an “above-ground, back flow prevention device” as part of your sprinkler system. This “device” consists of 2 PVC pipes (usually gray) sticking up about 2′ above the ground, connected by a round “cap”. The device will typically be located a few feet from your sprinkler control box on the side of your garage.

With temperatures expected to reach down into the 20’s, it’s time to protect this device as repair costs can reach a couple hundred dollars. There are 3 different approaches:

1) Use insulated wrap and tape sold locally at ACE Hardware (locally owned), or Lowes or Home Depot. The downside to this approach is the wrap is designed to fit the pipes but not the cap. Guess which part of the device most often freezes and cracks … the cap.

2) This is probably the best approach and it’s what I do. Wrap 1, 2 or even 3 blankets (depending on how far the temperatures dip and how long the freeze lasts) around the whole device. Be sure to cover the cap! I haven’t heard of this approach failing in Gainesville.

3) Drain the water from the device. If you choose this approach, I would strongly recommend having a professional take care of it to make sure it’s done right, and also to make sure it gets turned back on after the freeze. The lawns in Gainesville still need weekly watering – even in the winter.

Good luck. Stay warm, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions.

Ginney Patterson

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